Saturday, November 7, 2009

PHOBIA 2.....

Fobia kah anda semua terhadap sesuatu benda,kejadian,hantu?
yang pasti saya fobia dengan sahabat yang menikam belakang saya untuk kepentingan sendiri..

My friend and i wanna having a relaxing from stress during final examanation.In the middle of final examination period we've gone to KLCC to watching somw new movie in the cinema.After some time thinking what movie we should see,finally we decide to watch "PHOBIA 2"

actually i've seen "4BIA" but i can't remember what this movie exactly..hehehe..In this movie it has 5 short stories....i can't remember the tittle...but for sure it's reall good and fun watching this movie...the lat part of the movie quite fun and scared...all of you should watching are some pictures from the movies

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