Monday, October 13, 2014

Mr sunflower

Almost 2 months I'm falling in love with him. Not so sure what is inside him. Sometimes he looks so shy,sometimes he just speaks to me like usual sometimes he looks like he care about me. Dunnnooooooooo
Seeing him at the office made me felt so relieved...
Thanx for the nasi lemak and am not even heard when he talked about it to kak E . Maybe am so focus with my works at that time.
Mr. Sunflower please at least open up a bit ur heart to women,i do want to take care about you.asking you what you are doing have you eaten or not,what are you gonna wearing tomorrow and tomorrow of course corporate day shirt.
Rasa happy bile dengar awk gelak,senyum gembira. Tak suka tgk awk stress2. Can you give me a chance to enter your heart...please..please.....please.....

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